Name: Hannah

Age: 25

Occupation: journalist, artist, wife, mama

Interesting points: I'm a white girl from Northern California who moved to West Texas for school, and after getting there, met and fell in love with a Cuban boy from Southern Florida. We recently left Oklahoma after three years and have found ourselves back in West Texas. This time with our first baby girl in tow!

In a nutshell: This blog is all about my musings and daily life as a married LDS journalist and artist. Basically, I'm documenting a small piece of what I call life, and hoping to improve someone else's life while I'm at it.

Questions? Comments? Leave it below, e-mail me at hannah.m.cruz at gmail dot com, or find me on Google+ or Instagram.



Shermeen said...

Do you have a post with your wedding pictures? I can't remember if I've seem or not? xx

Hannah said...

This one has a few!: http://hmocruz.blogspot.com/2010/10/139-days.html

20 Going on 80 said...

Cute blog! :) Glad I found it!


Hannah said...

Thank you, Miss 20!

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