Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Writing lessons with Miles, part 5

Last week's writing class homework was to develop both a plot and characters. When Miles got to class today we reviewed his homework, discovered plot holes and got to work addressing the problems. While we were addressing problems we talked about the difference appropriate character development can make for a story — including things like name choice, delving into psyche of characters and why they do what they do, etc. We also talked a lot about tone and how tone affects how the reader interprets the plot and characters.

A part of Miles' character sketch...complete with an illustration!

Overall, a productive — and silly — class. We looked up name definitions to find fitting names for our characters. Of course, Miles wanted me to look up the names of all his siblings and snickered when he thought they were funny and smiled when he thought they were interesting. And then somewhere in there he drew himself a mustache. Writing class isn't complete without a mustache.

Looking good as he works!


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