Friday, February 24, 2012


In February, Nathaniel and I headed to Florida with my parents to hit up Disney World. And boy, was it a blast. We spent a few days running around Orlando and enjoying the magic of Disney.

Scootin' around in the wheelchair.

The Magical Art Behind Disney

When I discovered the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art was basing an entire exhibit around Walt Disney animation cels I was tickled pink. I was giddy in excitement and anticipation.

I love Disney for what most people love it for — the whimsy and the magic. But I also can't get enough of the art. I thought it was wonderful that a major arts institution, with a permanent collection with the likes of so many world-famous artists like van Gogh, Degas, Monet and more, would house Disney. Many view it as kitsch or low-brow, but this...this was legitimizing Disney Studio's work in the art realm.

And, as described in the story, hopefully, the exhibit — packed full of familiar, sentimental characters and scenes — would act as a sort of "gateway art," and encourage arts awareness and participation from patrons who may not typically be interested in art. 

To this day, this is one of my most favorite stories I've worked on. One, because I love Disney, and two, because I love art. Combining the two is just a dream come true.

Read the full story here.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Turtles, Yarn & Star Wars

One of the most entertaining things about being the A&E editor, is the books I get in the mail.

I found this bad boy hidden in my desk, actually.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mystic Mountain Revival

My brother, Tyler, is a brilliant musician. He recently started a band with some friends in Lubbock, Texas, called Mystic Mountain Revival.

And they're awesome. When we were in Lubbock for my nephew's birthday, Nathaniel, Kourtney, Alden and I headed to the local coffee shop to watch Tyler jam out. I loved seeing my big brother jam out with a big ol' smile on his goofy face! 

If you live in Lubbock, go catch one of their shows asap!

That's Tyler in the middle.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ethan's 1st Birthday

My nephew turned one! We headed back to Lubbock to help him celebrate — and boy, did he celebrate!

Sesame Street cake and cupcakes made by Nathaniel's aunt.

Ethan and his dad, Ryan.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Borrowed Adventure

The Sam Noble Museum of Natural History recently opened a new exhibit of native art from Papua New Guinea. I went to the opening reception of the exhibit and had the opportunity to visit with the man, Herbert Steves, a University of Oklahoma alumnus from the class of 1945, who donated a large portion of the work.

Herbert acquired the art while on a feasibility exhibition conducted by Conoco in May 1972. I was charmed to hear about his stories and experiences in a land and culture I can hardly imagine — especially for a man who grew up his entire life in small-town Oklahoma.

I shared this in my story:
An Oklahoma farm boy at heart, Steves said he feels amazed and overwhelmed he was able to trade what he considered every day objects like tools, salt, tobacco and even shirts, for art created by natives.
"I just hope the public will enjoy it and get some ideas of how the people in (Papua New Guinea) live in the primitive areas," he said. "The towns and the cities are all fairly civilized but it doesn't take long to get back in to the villages."
As he talked to me, a sentimental twinkle in his eye and the objects he brought back with him surrounding us, I could only imagine the wonder and awe he felt as he experienced this adventure so many years ago first-hand. Seeing the objects made me that much more curious about the lives others lead around the world.

Read the full story here.


Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Super Bowl

Don't ask me what happened during this year's Super Bowl. This is what I was up to:

It's okay, though...Nathaniel joined me, eventually:
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