Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we visited The Dallas World Aquarium with Allison and Diego. At first, I felt really confused...there really wasn't that much aquatic life. There were a lot of birds and tiny monkeys, which were really entertaining, so I didn't complain much.

Allison feeding a bird.

Nathaniel making friends with a tiny, tiny monkey.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dallas Inwood Theatre

When we were in Dallas for Thanksgiving weekend we ventured to Inwood Theatre with our good friends Allison and Diego. This wasn't just any theater though — this one had full on couches. Couches. Can you believe that?

We were the first in line to get in the theater to see "Life of Pi" (which was so good, by the way. Just as good as the book.) The four of us ran to our selected couches and I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was so giddy I could hardly contain myself. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meeting Baby Belton

After Thanksgiving, we loaded up the car and headed to Dallas to spend time with friends Matt and Laura, and Allison and Diego.

First on our agenda was meeting the new addition to Matt and Laura's family! We both totally fell in love with little Belton!

Such a sweetie!

We enjoyed catching up with Matt and Laura and loved hearing all about their new adventures into parenthood. We are so excited to watch Belt grow, and are excited to be a part of his life in the future! And we are especially glad he made it to this life in one piece — he had a close call trying to make his grand appearance, and we're grateful both him and mama are now happy and healthy.


Friday, November 23, 2012

When Lifetime Calls

A year ago I sat in a courtroom and listened to testimony accusing a Norman woman of a year long relationship with a 13-year-old boy. To say the least, 38-year-old Amy Blose creeped me out. When she walked into the courtroom — wearing an orange jumpsuit, hands and feet in shackles, crocs with ink hearts drawn on them, the front of her hair plaited — and sweetly, smiling thanked the sheriff for holding the door open...I knew this lady had more then a few screws loose.

The testimony that followed Blose's entrance, including from the victim himself, was grueling and painful to endure. The boy was forced to share intimate details of his sexual relationship. By the end of the testimony, I was disgusted by the vile woman who just hours before had batted her lashes at a police officer. I was convinced she was guilty.

Who wears a bow in their mug shot?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Like last year, I spent this Thanksgiving bouncing between my house and the newsroom. I headed over to the community dinner, spoke to a handful of people, slammed out a short story (basically the same one I wrote the year before!) and headed back to our place to chow down on turkey with Nathaniel. 

I must admit, I didn't give much thought to Thanksgiving this year. We didn't have any plans, and we didn't even go to the grocery store until Wednesday night, where we contemplated just buying a lasagna and not even bothering with a turkey. I nearly started crying in the middle of the grocery store, feeling sorry for ourselves that we'd be spending Thanksgiving with just the two of us. It was definitely silly of me, but I was having a moment of shallow self-pity. Nathaniel lovingly reminded me that we are our own family and we're starting our own traditions. So we bought ourselves some turkey breast to prepare for our quiet, humble — but thankful — Thanksgiving dinner.

Nathaniel had to go at cooking dinner by himself with me bouncing between work, and he did the most fantastic job! After dinner, we called up some family members via FaceTime, and suddenly I felt like we were transported to California. Our quiet Thanksgiving wasn't so bad anymore...thanks, technology!

My mom 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mia's Blessing

We headed to Lubbock a few weekends ago to bless our sweet niece, Mia. She is such a happy baby and we loved squeezin' and lovin' on her!

In her dress. My sister-in-law wore the same dress when she was blessed.

We had a wonderful time relaxing and visiting with our family, and I definitely got my fill of my sweet niece and nephew!

The "tia's" with Mia and Ethan.

Ethan is old enough now to play, play, play! He is absolutely non-stop, has so much energy but is just the happiest little boy. 

 His favorite word is even "go!"

He did finally get tuckered out though. Fell asleep on Nathaniel and Abuela mid-dinner!


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