Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Like last year, I spent this Thanksgiving bouncing between my house and the newsroom. I headed over to the community dinner, spoke to a handful of people, slammed out a short story (basically the same one I wrote the year before!) and headed back to our place to chow down on turkey with Nathaniel. 

I must admit, I didn't give much thought to Thanksgiving this year. We didn't have any plans, and we didn't even go to the grocery store until Wednesday night, where we contemplated just buying a lasagna and not even bothering with a turkey. I nearly started crying in the middle of the grocery store, feeling sorry for ourselves that we'd be spending Thanksgiving with just the two of us. It was definitely silly of me, but I was having a moment of shallow self-pity. Nathaniel lovingly reminded me that we are our own family and we're starting our own traditions. So we bought ourselves some turkey breast to prepare for our quiet, humble — but thankful — Thanksgiving dinner.

Nathaniel had to go at cooking dinner by himself with me bouncing between work, and he did the most fantastic job! After dinner, we called up some family members via FaceTime, and suddenly I felt like we were transported to California. Our quiet Thanksgiving wasn't so bad anymore...thanks, technology!

My mom 

My dad

My grandma and Aunt Kaye

I'm grateful for Thanksgiving this year, for reminding me what really matters most — family — and that distance is no matter! Also, visiting with people at the community dinner who are grateful despite the worst of circumstances absolutely lifted my working on Thanksgiving definitely wasn't so bad!


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