Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we visited The Dallas World Aquarium with Allison and Diego. At first, I felt really confused...there really wasn't that much aquatic life. There were a lot of birds and tiny monkeys, which were really entertaining, so I didn't complain much.

Allison feeding a bird.

Nathaniel making friends with a tiny, tiny monkey.

Nathaniel and me; Allison and Diego

Once we finally found the sea animals I was in absolute amazement. They had a really great range of animals — some I have never even heard of — and I was constantly getting lost reading and learning about what makes each animal unique. 

 This Japanese spider crab was ginormous and felt like something from a science fiction movie! The sword shark's mouth looked like human lips...definitely weird.

And we saw employees cleaning tanks a few times...so funny to sit and watch them just like any other one of the fish in the tank.


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