Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Half-Up Twisty Fishtail and My New Ombre 'Do

I've been having fun the last few weeks trying to figure out new ways to style my hair. The other day I tried out a cascading braid or a waterfall braid.

Many of the photos I've seen of this style have the braid wrapping around the head. Some are styled like mine, but I got my inspiration from the lovely Isla Fisher:

I love Isla Fisher's hair color, and the braid made it even better.

You can find tutorials to this braid here and here.

Of course, I had to experiment more with my favorite kind of braid nowadays: the fishtail.

Really similar to Kourt's bridal fishtail hair.

Here's the steps to this hairstyle:

1. I didn't wash my hair the day I tried this hair style and instead, opted for dry shampoo. The dry shampoo adds a bit of texture to the hair, and helps hold a styled look together. I have particularly fine hair, so for me it's a must if I'm doing anything but wearing my hair down.

2. I curled my hair, obviously, but I'm sure this would look lovely with straight hair, too.

3. I separated two sections of hair on the top of my head. Starting about an inch or two back from my hairline on my forehead, I pulled a comb from the top of my head, to right behind my ears to separate two different sections of hair on the left and right. These are the two separate sections that will be braided together for the braid.

4. I pulled the largest portion of hair on the bottom out of the way, and secured with a hair tie (but you could also use a clip).

5. With each hand holding either the left or right section of hair, I twisted the sections of hair inwards (towards my head). I only did this a few times.

6. Without losing the twist in each section of hair, fishtail the sections together.

7. Don't remember how to fishtail? Look here.

8. Secure braid with clear hair tie. Spray with hairspray to secure.

Oh, and a side note...

I changed my hair, again. We all know how much I love doing that. I decided to try ombre hair color...because why not?

Subtle ombre/balayage hair color. A friend did my hair, and I do declare: she is a genius.


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L!$@ said...

Great hairstyles to try...I've been looking for some more to try out on my own hair and have been practicing the fishtail :D

Mila said...

Ah, it looks so pretty :)

Hannah said...

Lisa...the fishtail is easy, chic and still bohemian. Definitely my favorite right now! I'd love to see photos next time you give it a try!

Mila, thanks, lady! :)

Stesha said...

I can never do a waterfall braid! I suck at it!!! yours looks great :) Just found your blog.

xo your newest folower,

Classic & Bubbly

Liesl said...

Your hair is so beautiful! I've been blonde for so long, thinking about changing it.. I love the cute hairstyle, definitely going to try it out!

The Housewife said...

I think I'll be trying the braid!

P.S. You're stunning!


I can't do braids to save my life!!! That is really cute!

I love to change my hair[color] alot too, and yours looks really good!

and to respond to your question about my layout, yes I did make it all by myself, and thank you for the comments <3

Natalia Lynn said...

You're so beautiful! I Love the subtle ombre style, it's gorgeous! I am your new follower from the Love of Blogs Fashion forum. Can't wait to follow along!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty good at the waterfall braid but I have yet to master the fishtail.

Hannah said...

Stesha, thanks so much! It was a little tricky at first, but I got the hang of it! I've been braiding my own hair since I was about 7 though...maybe all that practice helped?

Liesl, thanks so much! I figure if my current hair color came from a bottle it won't hurt to change it again. I mean, if I'm really unhappy, I can always go back to what I just had! I say go for change!!

Mrs. Housewife, thank you, lady!!

Dianne, thanks so much! Have you tried a standard fishtail braid? I think they're the easiest. And it's really trendy for them to be messy and a little undone right now, so extra points for not being perfect :)

Natalia Lynn, thanks so much!

Mallory, good news is messy is in so mastering the fishtail only means it has to resemble one :)

Hilary said...

Love it. You're a doll.

Unknown said...

I love the look of this. I never seem to make the fishtail right though

Hannah said...

Twin, I love you because you're always boosting my self-esteem! I miss you like crazy!!

Cassi, thank you! Keep practicing...and remember that messy is GOOD right now! :)

Quinn said...

HOW did you do those? I love that waterfall braid but I must be the only person in the world who has never learned how to french braid my hair (even though Lord knows I have tried)! Yours is perfect!

Hannah said...

Harley, I'm thinking I might do a tutorial on "how to braid on yourself." I feel like these tutorials I have so far aren't very helpful if you haven't learned that first! I'll have to put it on the to-do list!

Ryan Adair said...

How'd I miss this! So awesome! I love braids and can do them with my eyes closed now, even with short hair.. it is an impressive talent to have-- people at the grocery store get a hoot out of a random bang braid.. esp moms of young babies. :P

Hannah said...

Ryan, how fun that people make comments all the time! What's your favorite braid to do on yourself?

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