Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes

I've always loved Halloween and/or a good excuse to dress up. Growing up I had a costume box in my room, and when I say growing up I really mean when I was a teenager. There were many evenings that looked a little something like this:

BTW, if you're in this photo...there's a good chance nobody can recognize you anyways. No worries.

Halloweens past:
80's girl for "80's prom" at church; butterfly...classic, right?; pregnant white trash (definitely one of my favorites); and a little kid complete with stuffed animal and cape.

God's gift to men (I even wore a gift tag...and yes, I love myself); flapper girl; another little kid (those pj's were glow in the dark, thank you very much!); and an "old lady" at camp.

There's just something about getting to be somebody you're not, even for just one evening.

And our last-minute, ready-in-15 min., hardly-a-costume, costume for this year that cost absolutely nothing is...

Lois Lane and Superman

We had a church party on Saturday we forgot about. I covered up my name (and location) on my press pass to be Lois Lane. I wore a cardigan, pencil skirt and hells, and carried a reporter's pad with me. I made Nathaniel a Superman logo out of card stock. I drew the logo by hand, then cut out the red card stock. I glued the red S on top of the yellow card stock -- easy peasy! Then I safety pinned the paper to one of Nathaniel's (mostly) blue t-shirts. He wore a white shirt unbuttoned over it. It worked well enough...most people didn't even notice it was paper.

What will you be for Halloween?



Sorry about the dumb photo of this year's camera broke :(


Mal said...

Halloween is my favorite! I was Leslie Knope this year, Ke$ha last year...

Liesl said...

Great costumes! :-) I was Black Swan and The Boyfriend was Ronald McDonald. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Hannah said...

I know, I love dressing up! It's always fun to pretend to be someone else. Both of your costumes sound fabulous!

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