Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Daily Makeup

Hello, my dears! The while ago on Free Bird Train we had a little discussion about eyeliner, and I thought I'd share how I do my makeup on most days. It usually takes me about 10 minutes from start to finish. On my video, I'm only showing you my eyes and cheeks. Enjoy!


BTW, Meet the best makeup remover in the entire world: Albolene Cleanser. This is what my grandmother, mother and I use because seriously, it works like a charm. Albolene completely removes your makeup without irritating your skin, pulling out eyelashes or drying your skin out. It's brilliant, really. I get mine at Walgreens. Give it a try.



Whenever I put mascara on...I think of Medusa from the Rescuers. And then the days I'm wearing falsies, I feel even more ridiculous. Anyone else?


Lauren Douglas said...

I never use false eyelashes because when I was younger my mom glued my eye shut with the glue that came with it.
-_- Yep.
Haha. :)

Ryan Adair said...

Pretty pretty!

Have a great day lady!

Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan

Hannah said...

Lauren...that is unbelievably awful. Sounds traumatizing.

Ryan, thank you!

TayKat said...

love.. simple but really fresh faced :)

Hannah said...

Thanks, girl!

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