Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mr. Bitter

I frequently blog about my own work experiences, but today it's Nathaniel's. He works at a hotel, and as you can imagine he meets a lot of colorful individuals. Today's encounter was one of my favorites:

Nathaniel: Hello sir, how are you today?

Man: Bitter.

Nathaniel: Oh, I am so sorry to hear that, I --

Man: That's my last name.

Nathaniel: Oh...*pause*...sorry about that...

For some weird reason, people frequently walk up to the front desk and announce their last name without stating if they are checking in or looking for a room...some people's communication skills seriously concern me.



alyssa said...

hahahahahaaa! Poor nathaniel!

Jess said...

hahaha, I remember stuff like that too. Like they just expect these things.

L!$@ said...

Use your words people...use your words.

Hannah said...

@Alyssa: Exactly my reaction, too! When he was telling me about it, I was at the hotel, and Mr. Bitter was wandering around in the background. I couldn't stop laughing and I could only just imagine Nathaniel's face through the whole things...too funny.

@Jess: Did/do you work in a hotel? Nathaniel has the most ridiculous experiences!

@Lisa: I know, right?!

Sherms said...

*Laugh Out Loud*
What an unfortunate name. I totally agree with you about the way some people communicate. I constantly have people speak in one word sentences, grunt or shove something in my face. They think I'm a mind reader.

Hannah said...

There was some other guy at his work yesterday who walked up to the front desk, pointed in a direction and mumbled, "Red tomato." Nathaniel looked at him with a confused look on his face, and just said, "What was that? Are you looking for something?" In the end, the man was looking for a restaurant called "Souper Salad"...I don't know how "red tomato" translates into "I'm looking for a restaurant with a salad bar called Souper Salad, do you know how I can get there?" People...haha!

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