Sunday, July 10, 2011


When my mom was six-years-old she got left on the side of a mountain. Her family was on vacation with another family, and everyone loaded up in the car and took off without her. I guess everyone assumed the others were keeping track of her. Mom did everything wrong, including walking down the road and getting in the car with some strange trucker-man, but that's another story for another day. And just so you know, she's still on good terms with the parental-units that left her behind.

So yesterday me and Nathaniel stranded ourselves on the side of a mountain -- er, I mean, on our driveway in the middle of a heat-wave and drought without keys to get into our house or cars.

These are the texts I sent back and forth with my mom:

We locked ourselves's real hot.

Mom: Dumb.

Me: Totally.

Mom: Who did it? It's only 63 degrees today in San Francisco.

Me: Nathaniel thought I had the keys.

Mom: That's how I got left on the mountain.

Me: We'll have to remember that in the future. Kourt saved us.

Only my mother would compare locking yourself out of the house to leaving your kid somewhere. But still, good lesson to learn early, right? Oh and thank goodness we have a roommate. Otherwise we'd still be melting outside.

The locked door taunting us. 

 The car we couldn't drive because Nathaniel thought I had the keys. In my defense, he's always the one that drives when we're together.

The best part is we were on our way to the grocery store to gather supplies for dinner we were making that night. Remember those steaks I bought from the strange man? We'd never cooked a steak before so we were off to buy some marinade. Of course, when we finally got home and started cooking we almost burnt the house down...literally. Nathaniel blew out two fires that started on the stove top (proof he has strong lungs). The house stunk of smoke so we opened up all the doors. Of course, it let the nasty heat and flies in. The good news is, I didn't have to make friends with the firemen again. Good day, good day.

Playing with our phones while we waited for Kourtney, my cousin, to come save us.

The nasty heat and our dead lawn...or weeds, whatever you want to call it.



L!$@ said...

Ha ha ha, last time my house mate and I did this very thing...I broke in :D

Hannah said...

I know!! We thought about it, but everything was locked, including doors and windows!

Oh well...ya live and ya learn, right?!

Kristina said...

I have done this before. At night. With small children. I'll have to tell you the story some time, it is on my "mother of the year" application.

At least you had your phone!!

Hannah said...

Ooooh, Kristina, please do!!

This is true!

Sherms said...

Your mums story reminds me of Home Alone!
Well, I suppose you could have worked on your you not know your neighbours? I would always go sit with my neighbour when I forgot the key. What is Kourtney going to do when you guys move? I suppose you two will have to get a hideakey when you live alone! xx

Unknown said...

Ha! Memories ... I think we all have been through something similar.

your mom was left in the mountains? and she walked and jumped into a truck? funny.

Hannah said...

@Sherms -- We actually don't know our neighbors! I've talked to one of them a few times, but we had called Kourt and she was getting there in just a few min! Kourt is getting married August 6th in California, so she's actually headed back home (to CA) this week to get wedding things together. So she leaves this week, and we leave next week...perfect timing!

@Sooz -- It's classic, isn't it?! Yes, yes she did! It's actually a very funny story, maybe I'll have my mom do a guest post, haha! She's a first grade teacher now, and every time they go on a field trip she tells her kids a story "about a little girl who did EVERYTHING wrong when she got lost," and then she tells them what they SHOULD do when they get lost. The kids get a real hoot out of it!

Stephanie Iris said...

Last time I locked myself out of the house I had to pee. Real bad.

Not my favorite moment.

Hannah said...

Oh dear...what did you do?

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