Sunday, March 4, 2012

Girls Camp and Callings

A while back I was called as my ward's camp director. I wasn't too thrown because I did it last year. But then I was called as the ward's young women second counselor. I'm young enough to have been in young women at the same time as some of my girls...and that just seems scary!

I headed to a leader's retreat this weekend, and on my way there I was totally miserable. I felt overwhelmed and out of place. I don't feel like I have enough experience to be guiding youth — beyond camp, anyway!

At the retreat. This is where we'll have camp in the summer.

But by the time I left, I felt uplifted and ready to conquer my new calling. During the drive home I pondered all the thing I learned (or remembered) — about teaching, listening and loving — and I felt like I could really do this.

So here's to faith and hoping I'm actually a positive influence!


All clergy members in the LDS church are volunteers and are specifically asked (or called) to volunteer for certain positions. A ward is a congregation, and a stake is a group of congregations in one area.

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Mandie said...

Well Hannah, I happen to know that EVERYONE loves you and you make everyone feel so involved and loved! You are going to rock this calling and be such a positive influence in your young women's lives! You have such a positive happy attitude that makes everyone around you happy! Those girls are going to love you and look up to you just as much as you love them :) Love you always, and come to Lubbock already! We still have to go salsa dancing :) Love, Mandie(:

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