Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kurtis & Crissy

My cousin Kurtis married his sweetheart in the Oakland, California, temple on May 26. Nathaniel and I headed out to the festivities and had such a blast being with our family.

The temple sealing was absolutely beautiful. The couple's sealer was so frail, his voice so wispy, the room had to be utterly silent to listen to him. Kurtis and Crissy were looking at each other like none of us were in the room with them. It was tender and emotional, and so sweet. 

Sharing a moment with nieces and sisters.

Kurtis with our grandparents. 

During the reception we dined on Grandad's candies and ice cream. At one point, we (Nathaniel, Alden and my dad) sneaked away to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint to enjoy some dinner. We all agreed — it was a place we'd have to find a way to go back to.

Headed to dinner.

With my "twin" cousin, Kourtney.

With our mommas.

Uncle John, Cousin Alden, Nathaniel and Papa...being tough. Kind of.

With Kourt and Krysta.

They're totally in love.

All in all, a lovely time! Happy marriage, Kurtis and Crissy!


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