Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Vampire Nail Art

In the spirit of Halloween, I created a vampire-inspired Halloween nail art design! It's pretty easy and you don't need much to make it work! What you'll need: red polish, black polish, white polish, glitter top coat, clear top coat, matte top coat, two bobby pins, q-tips, nail polish remover and scrap paper.

The final blood-thirsty look! 

Step one: 
Paint pinky finger, ring finger, middle finger and thumb with two coats of black polish. Paint pointer finger with two coats of red polish. Let dry between coats. Clean up any mistakes with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.

Step two:
Stretch out your bobby pin. Put a small drop of white nail polish on scrap paper. Dip the end of bobby pin into white nail polish and use it to dab on two fangs onto your ring finger nail, as seen below. Let dry.

Step three:
Put a small drop of red nail polish on scrap paper. Dip the end of your second bobby pin into red nail polish and paint a red line on top and bottom of nail, creating lips. You may need several coats. Let dry. Apply clear top coat.

Step four:
Add matte top coat to pinky finger, pointer finger and thumb. Add glitter top coat to middle finger.

Step five:
Dip bobby pin with red polish back into polish and place several dots of polish onto pointer finger, as seen below in picture to the left. Add polish to the top part of nail and connect to dots, to create the effect of dripping blood, as seen below in picture to the right.

And...the final look in all it's terrifying, vampire, bloody, glittery glory:

Happy Halloween!


P.S. And to celebrate Halloween, here's a bonus black cat-inspired nail art tutorial from Julep! Check out their nail polish selection online.

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