Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sweet but Tenacious (3 years)


Oh, my love. Three years have come and gone. You make every passing day magical. You have a mischievous sparkle in your eye and a zest for life. You are curious, witty, creative, tenacious, thoughtful and attentive. I am constantly in awe or laughing over something you have done, said or discovered. I could fill up an entire book of funny and cute stories.

At 3 years old, you are as much girly as you are rough and tumble. Your favorite color is pink, you love to play “Elsa and Anna,” and you love nothing more than tutus, having your hair done, and getting your nails painted. You also find farts and pool absolutely hilarious. You love to wrestle with Dad. And your most recent obsession is learning about reptiles, sharks and spiders via YouTube videos.

You inspire me to greater heights. You've taught me how to love more deeply, and how to treasure more deeply each day of life. The beautiful part of being a mother is a second chance to experience childhood. Watching you experience the world with wonder, curiosity and joy is a refreshing reminder to me to cherish life! And I love you for that.

As much as this is all true, life with 3-year-old you has also been painfully difficult and pushed me to the edge more times than I’d like to acknowledge. Every day is a power struggle as you test your boundaries and find yourself. It is exhausting and exasperating. And, ironically, also makes me so damn proud. You are one tough cookie! You are self-assured, willful and immovable. I am proud to be raising a daughter who knows herself and isn’t scared to be herself! I know it will serve you will in your life.

I love you, beautiful girl, and I can’t wait to experience life unfold with you in the coming years!



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