Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Do you like food?
Me too.

And I guess so does everybody else.
Especially in Lubbock.

What I learned today...people like food, people need food, but sometimes people don't get food. 
Thank heavens for places like the South Plains Food Bank!
I worked on a group story today about the food bank's current food drives. Not only is it important to keep people's bellies full during the feels even more important during the holidays.
Feeling generous? Donate a can or two (there's several locations on Tech's campus -- like in the SUB).
Feeling hungry and live in Texas? Call 2-1-1 on a land line for help on where to go.

Check back for more updates about our story.


1 comment:

Sherms said...

I most certainly agree! The thing that really gets me is when shops throw out food rather than donating it. Governments should make it compulsory rather than optional! xx

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