Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Office Space

Yesterday when I got to work one of my supervisors told me I'd be moving offices to accommodate for the other employees about to begin work in that office. She explained a few other reasons that I mostly misunderstood or simply didn't care to understand. She informed me I'd be working next to the dean's office.

Today I was shown where I'd be working. And as I walked from my office with dim lighting, my Mac computer and comfortable office chair, I was only semi-disappointed to see the closet, or uh -- office, I'd be working in -- complete with florescent lighting, a slow Dell computer and rigid wooden chair.

My closet was quaint and out of the way, and in fact, much less stressful than my previous office.

So while there was room to feel like this guy from Office Space:

Poor Milton...
...I felt pretty awesome. Maybe I'll start getting concerned if they ask me to move to the basement.


1 comment:

Spencer Rogers said...

you should keep a red swingline stapler on your desk and talk with a lisp. do it!

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