Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today was a long day.

I was tired. Scratch that -- I am exhausted.

First, I finished this bad boy for my drawing class:

Then I saw this girl on campus:

And all I could do was laugh and ask myself why? Oh, to be a free spirit. She seemed a little lost, too.

I had to talk myself into going to my drawing class tonight...I was pretty tired. At least I made this:

But I kept reminding myself about who I had talked to earlier that day -- a blind student. As a kid he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and the medication for the arthritis had a pretty crappy side affect -- blindness. But he didn't seem to mind. He was honest. He told me he had struggled with depression and of course the 'why me' questions, but now -- now he was happy, praying every day and hoping to help serve others. Amazing.

I guess you never really know what life will throw at you -- ya know, arthritis, blindness and the like -- and though it's natural to be bummed about it for a while, eventually you might as well just throw caution to the wind and enjoy life. Even if that means tossing in a super hero cape every now and then.

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