Monday, December 13, 2010

Most Improved

When I first started my life drawing class this semester I walked out of each class feeling defeated. Or like I told you before, a journalism major in a room full of art majors. When I looked around class at other student's drawings I felt a little silly and insignificant, and dare I say it, ashamed. I was encouraged by Terry's insistence that we all have brilliant, competent minds. I needed my teacher to fight for my confidence in the beginning, because let me tell you, I had none.

So today we laid out a series of our drawings, and picked our best. I felt proud of myself as I looked over my drawings. And I even patted myself on the back when Terry told me I had the potential to become an "exceptional figure drawer."

This was my "best"  I used to compare to my...well, worst.
 Before my head could get too big, Terry dragged out our very first attempt at drawing a full figure. I can't ask you not to laugh because, well, I laughed hysterically myself. In fact, after we hung up our best and our worst to compare, I told the kid next to me I think I won most improved. Take a gander:

I know, right?
Are you done laughing yet? It took me a while to get it out. The funny part is, Terry really did have a "most improved" contest, and everyone wrote down on a piece of paper who they thought deserved the "prize" (extra credit for our grade). And guess who won. This girl did. I don't know if it's a compliment or a slam, but my class did applaud me. Either way...I got a good laugh (and so did a few others) and I improved drastically. What's not to like?


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