Friday, July 20, 2012

Girls Camp 2012

Where do I begin with camp besides saying it was an absolutely amazing experience? I went to camp this year as the ward camp director, hike leader and lifeguard. I was also a "cabin mom" and got to chill with the 4th year girls. I was busy, it was exhausting, but totally worth it!

Where we had our nightly firesides.

My view when I first got to camp. Utterly relaxing.

I was in my cabin setting up my bunk and helping the girls decorate when one of the girls slammed the door shut. A few minutes later, the rest of us tried to leave the cabin...but couldn't. I pulled and pushed, tugged and pounded — but the door wouldn't open. I called and texted a hand full of people and someone finally came to rescue to us. Turns out the outside latch had fallen and we were locked in. At least it was fun for a few minutes!

The locked door.

The camp was held at beautiful Beavers Bend, and we were witness to a lot of wildlife.

We weren't sure if this deer was real or not at first.

Though the temperatures were hot, the views on our hikes were stunning and refreshing — and so green!

When we got to the top of our hike we stopped and read the creation story from Genesis. Like always, I was impressed with the girl's insights.

One of the groups at the top of the hike.

During our hike...

And some of the girls and leaders from my ward...

Another successful year at camp done!


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