Saturday, September 22, 2012

Visit to Lubbock

We spent last weekend in Lubbock visiting family. I got to squeeze on my sweet nephew, Ethan.

 I can't believe how big he is!

But mostly we were there to cuddle with Ethan's new born baby sister, Mia. She was such a sweetheart.

We also got to go to Nathaniel's cousin Marisa's first high school marching band performance. She rocked it! And can you believe how big their football field's screen is? Texas is crazy about their football!

My parents were also conveniently in town, and we all headed to the Gypsy Pow Wow, a big camping/music festival, that my brother was playing in with his band Mystic Mountain Revival.

 Listening to my brother, Tyler, jam on the drums.

There he is!

Chillin' on the grass with Mom, and my dad is awkwardly taking a photo of my brother...gotta love it. And Nathaniel lounging on the bleachers.  

When Tyler wasn't playing, we watched Keller Williams play. He put on a good show.

And of course, before we took off back to Norman...cuddled again with sweet baby Mia!

Love simple weekends with family. :)


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