Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Amazing (Preparedness) Race: LDS youth mutual night

For a multi-ward LDS mutual (youth night) activity a few months back we had the kids participate in "The Amazing (Preparedness) Race." The youth were split off into different teams and had to complete an obstacle course around the church building. Every event was meant to highlight the importance of preparedness or being self-sufficient and included different categories like health, home-keeping, finances and spiritual well-being.

Let the races begin! 

1. The groups began the race outside by running a lap around the church building. Upon finishing the lap, everyone had to drink a bottle of water. 

2. The teams then had to tie and untie one tie on each team member.

3. After completing the tie-tying portion, teams raced across the parking lot to begin the next challenge — finances. Teams were handed a large poster board with budgeting word problems to solve. The problems asked the kids to figure out how many dollars were allowed for each portion of a budget according to percentages. We allowed calculators. 

4. The teams then ran to another portion of the parking lot where they were asked to write down (from memory) either the 13th Article of Faith or list all the Latter-Day prophets. 

5. We then moved the race inside where kids made "beds" — tables set up with bed linens.

6. Finally, the kids moved it to the gym where they completed puzzles of Jesus Christ.

The competition was stiff, but overall the event was a success. Definitely something to try again some day.


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