Sunday, April 28, 2013

Texas Trip

While we were in Texas for Allison's wedding we figured we'd continue our road trip to Houston to visit family. First on our agenda, was hanging with my cousin, Kourtney and her husband and our friend, Alden. While Kourtney was at school we ate lunch with Alden and then took a tour of Alden's dental school. It was fun to see all the fancy, high tech stuff Alden gets to work on for the next few years in preparation to become a dentist.

We left Alden for a bit and headed to Nathaniel's aunt's house. I've never met this portion of Nathaniel's family and he hasn't seen them himself for a good, long time. It was good to catch up even though storms were raging on our way there — so much so streets were starting to flood.

Nathaniel with his family!

It took us about an hour to drive back to Alden and Kourtney's, and by the time we got there people were abandoning their vehicles left and right — it was the strangest thing. Turns out Houston had all sorts of flash flood warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings and everyone was starting to freak out. Thankfully, we all made it back safely to the apartment and were able to go and enjoy dinner together.

The next morning the sun was shining, but some abandoned cars had still not been claimed by owners.

Me and Kourt. And Alden...pretty typical.



My dad gave this to Alden as a gift because they have a running inside joke where my dad calls him a "tit sucker." Lovely, right? My dad used to tease Alden for being dependent on his parents by calling him that lovely phrase. When this "Time" came out we first joked about just giving it to Alden, as a gag gift. Then we thought it'd be funny to wrap it. Then frame it. Then sign it and frame it. Then we decided it'd be pretty great if we could find a photo of Alden to glue over the little boy's face. Poor Alden had a photo of himself on Facebook with powdered sugar all over his lips...and thus, the best inside joke gift ever was born. Still cracks me up. Alden has it proudly displayed on top of his TV.

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