Saturday, April 20, 2013

Girl's Night: Henna Tattoos

Girl's night this month we tracked down a henna artist and had a henna party! We chowed down on treats, turned on the music and had a relaxing evening visiting and receiving henna tattoos. Our artist was adorable and easy to work with — we only paid for gas and each of us paid for our own tattoo, which ranged between $5-15. It's a great deal and such a blast! If you're interested in hosting a henna tattoo party in Oklahoma, check her out here.

Having my design done. She was speedy!

Waiting for the henna to dry. The henna feels really good because it has eucalyptus oil in it and cools your skin down. My hand was so chilly it felt like it had fallen asleep!

What everything looked like after the henna had dried and fallen off.



Kathleen said...

I'm so glad we got to do this!

Hannah said...

Me too! :)

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