Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween puppet makeup

For Halloween this year Nathaniel and I dressed up as a puppet and puppet master. I had an absolute blast doing my makeup. This will be a semi-tutorial to help anyone else who is interested in doing the same thing...also, for myself, for future reference. I took a million photos in a million angles, so hopefully you get the idea of what I did.

The finished look before we left for the party.

First and foremost, I would just like to say most of my makeup is just drugstore brand. You don't need things to be extra fancy for this to work!

I started the look by prepping my skin. I obviously wore heavier concealer and foundation than for a normal occasion. I was going for the whole "I'm a porcelain doll" look so any flaws were a no-no. I also used under-eye concealer under my eyes — more on the under-eye concealer/highlighter later. I concentrated bright pink blush right on the apples of my cheeks.

The eyes were all about drama and contrast. I used eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows — again, darker and heavier than I normally would. I used the under-eye concealer just above my eyebrow arch to create a lift and highlight. Under my entire brow I used a white eyeshadow. My lid had a medium tone, with a dark brown for my creases. I used a white eyeliner pencil to line my waterline as well as my lower lid — creating the effect of larger, doll-like eyes. I also used the pencil on my inner eye. I used black liquid liner on top, winging it on the outside corners. On the bottom I used black eyeliner on the outside corner lower lid to create the appearance of additional lashes. Instead of extending this harsh line all the way to my inside eye, I switched the line to a grey pencil liner, creating a softer line to complete my big-eyed look. I added liquid glitter eyeliner to my inside and outside corners as an additional highlight, just for drama and fun. I used mascara on the top lashes ONLY. And followed that with false lashes — which is an absolute MUST for this look. 

Unfortunately I didn't take these photos until after the party, so my lips aren't as sharp-looking as the first photo. I used concealer to change the shape of my lips and make them more pouty. My bottom lip is very full so I used concealer on the outside bottom corners of my bottom lip. I also used the under-eye concealer/highlighter right on my cupid's bow to help my lip-shape pop. I then used my lip liner to trace where I wanted my lip-shape. My goal was to have them be almost heart-shaped and be a perfect, compact little pucker. I then used a long-lasting red lipstick. And of course, the black lines, to mimic a wooden mouth opening.

Since I have my hair cut very short, I used a lot of gel and hairspray to try and create something that looked like finger waves. You can see my bobby pins in the first picture. It was only semi-successful. I created the bow out of simple ribbon and then clipped it on to my hair.

And that's it, folks!

Any questions?


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