Thursday, April 24, 2014


I always assumed when I was pregnant that I would show quickly and get huge. That has not been the case. My body has shifted dramatically, though! When I was only about 10 weeks and had only gained about six pounds, I had gained two inches onto my waist line. I have also gone up a cup size already, and trying to embrace my already DD bra. YIKES!

In November before I found out I was pregnant, and around 17 weeks. I'm a little more pouchy here.

17 weeks and pre-pregnancy. I think you can see the adjustment on my waistline here.

At around 22 weeks it started to become more obvious, and not just look like I was chubby!

And at 24 weeks at my parent's house...really, about the same.

The nice part about not having an obviously pregnant belly is nobody has attempted to rub me so far! Thank goodness! I have gained about 20 pounds at this point (at almost 25 weeks), and I can feel this sweet girl wiggling like crazy! Can't wait to meet my girl. :)


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Kathleen said...

You look incredible!

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