Sunday, June 8, 2014

Oklahoma Baby Shower

Some sweet friends from church threw us a co-ed baby shower/going away party this weekend. We were grateful for the chance to celebrate with our friends and say goodbye! Sadly, I was a bad picture taker and didn't take a single one myself and thus, missed a lot of photos with friends! Thanks to Andrea, one of my hostesses, for snapping these ones for me.

 With my wonderful hostesses Sandra, Andrea, Amy and Ann!

The spread

Gift table. Love that canvas! 

With Lisa, Rachel and Jessica. Lisa is due just after me, and Rachel right before me!

 With Caitlin and Debra.

One of our friends got Nathaniel a daddy survival kit, complete with baby toys, a 5-hour energy drink and safety gear. So fun!



Kathleen said...

I'm so sad I couldn't make it! You look incredible! Love you!

Hannah said...

You were missed! :) And thank you!! I love you, too!!

Erica & Benjamin said...

Oh I am SO bumbed we missed it!!! Not only did I not get to eat the donuts we got for it, but I didn't get to say goodbye!!! I could cry :( Miss you already!

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