Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Self Portrait, Two Mirrors & Harry Potter

I just finished a self-portrait in my life drawing class. It turned out alright -- judge for yourself.

The head is a little wide. *sigh...*

Awkward serious face...a resemblance, no?
What I really look like.

Anywho, next we have to draw our own profile. Which of course, all of us students wondered how that was going to work out -- Terry told us, 'mirrors!' and instructed us how to go about using two mirrors to get the job done.

Amidst all the questions of 'whhhhy, why, whhhy the mirrors, can't we just take a picture?'

Terry said:

"Mirrors are good. They're magical. That's why -- cause Harry Potter said so."

Happy Thursday/Harry Potter premiere night...I definitely won't be there but maybe it's actually fun?

And check back for a profile drawing...we'll see how that goes.



alyssa said...

you're pretty.
and talented.

and I like harry potter too. :)

Sherms said...

lol! From now on I should remember to WWHD it! What Would Harry Do!

Can I just say WOW! you are super talented. Do you plan to earn money from your art? It's not at all a field that I've explored because I have no clue how to draw, though my brother is great. And the majority of Adams family seem to have a knack for it...maybe there will be artistic hope for our kids.

I think the drawing looks like you, though from the angle of the picture your lips look strangely pursed, Angelina style! Oh and I totally like your "real" face. Most certainly looks like a girl I would want to call my friend! xx

taylor said...

VERY akward serious face! lol, drawing is marvelous, a defnite resemblence...haha but that serious face is sooo not you!

Hannah said...

Alyssa, thank you!

Shermeen, I have actually thought about making money off of it. I am more than willing to be commissioned! And thanks for the compliments!

Tay, I agree 100 took work to not laugh while taking it, haha!

Kurt and Kristy said...

I think it's fabulous! And Im sure your profile will be too!

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