Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Different Glass Slipper

A new semester means a new art class. This semester life drawing and "experimental drawing." Last semester I felt like a journalism student in a room full of art students, and surprise, I'm feeling that way again in experimental drawing.

The class is focused on creating art with meaning. You know, an apple that symbolizes whatever, an orange that symbolizes this. Stuff like that. The only thing is, my ability to develop an artistic concept is seriously lacking. I left class today feeling a little deflated.

But no worries. I became a superhero my first day of class. I'm proud to introduce you to...

Hannah the Undergrad!

Here's the story...there's another Hannah in my class and she's a graduate student. So my teacher (very lovingly!) deemed me Hannah the Undergrad. I'm owning it. I'm the underdog. The Cinderella story. The one everyone roots for to win. Just in this case, my glass slipper is an A on a drawing in experimental drawing. How's that for a good underdog, I mean undergrad, story?



ConnieB said...

haha! Hannah the undergrad... gee, thanks teach. I'm glad you're owning it (;
I lacked that too in my photography class- my teacher wanted me to be all "deep" and have meaning behind everything I shot.

..sure, like a half eaten cupcake says anything other than, lay off I'm starving! (amiright?) :p

Hannah said...

You are TOTALLY right, haha!

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