Monday, January 24, 2011

To Say the Least...

I love my job,, internship.

Just a few months ago I was feeling like journalism was a dead end. Every time I thought about journalism, all I could see was cynical, nasty miserable co-workers and that idea, put a serious damper on any desire to spend any time in a newsroom.

Wednesday morning I couldn't eat my oatmeal. I took a few bites, but each bite took a little more effort to swallow. My nerves were on edge as I got ready for my first day of my internship at the Avalanche-Journal. I was almost positive I would be the dumb, awkward intern that messed everything up. It didn't help that I had no idea what I'd be doing as an intern -- all I knew is that I was one.

I left for work way too early, and even when I walked out my front door I was positive I was late. I pulled up to the building, 15 minutes ahead of schedule and sat impatiently waiting for time to pass. When I finally walked up to the doors, they were locked. And then, when I managed to get in, my boss-lady wasn't there. So I sat, ringing my fingers and waited some more.

I was relieved when Shelly, the boss lady, walked into the newsroom with a big smile on her face. She quickly put my butterfly-ridden stomach to rest, set me in a direction, answered my questions and gave me my first assignments. Big news, I'm not just an intern, I'm an intern who gets to write stories for the paper and Lubbock Magazine and post recipes on Skirt! Lubbock (like this one!) Hooray!

So far, I've rifled through pages of recipe books seeking out delicious ideas to inspire the foodies of Lubbock. I've discussed the ins-and-outs of family travel with Ronnie, followed by an hour of exploring the world of motorcycles with Juan. And on Friday, even after working eight hours straight (for free, might I add), I was a little bummed when the day was over. I was bristling with ideas, excitement and eagerness to do more and learn more. Those images of angry journalists in tweed jackets with elbow-patches was a distant nightmare. Instead, all I could see was a future filled with journalistic adventures. I was relieved to feel my long-lost enthusiasm and passion for communication once again.

 Then today, I spent well over an hour visiting with two triathletes, Marti and Mike Greer. These two share their passion with others by organizing events for other athletes -- like a series of triathlons this summer, including a 70.3 Ironman. Not only are they perfect examples of health and fitness, they sincerely believe triathlons are for everyone. After sharing with me story after story of inspiring before and after stories, Marti challenged me to train for the June triathlon. She told me to think of it as a way to follow up on my story. I couldn't resist -- anything for the journalistic experience, right?

To say the least, I haven't even been working for a week yet and I've already sat in front of a travel agent, been surrounded by customized motorcycles in the middle of a shop, and committed myself to train for a triathlon under the epitome of fitness. More than I can chew? Maybe. Worth it? Yes.


Keep your peepers peeled for new recipe blog posts, and stories on "family vacation tips," "summer outdoor toys," and "how to train for a triathlon." Oh, adventures in becoming a triathlete? Oh dear.

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