Saturday, January 8, 2011

Serious Bidness (Road Trip Part 2)

On Friday we took a mini road trip up to my grandparent's to visit with them. My grandad loves, loves candies. In fact, he takes the candy-making process very seriously. See?

Grandad Hurst discussing chocolate with Dianne Sonntag. This is serious business, people.

Last Christmas Grandad taught us the ins and outs of good chocolate and how to cook it into even better tasting truffles and candies. When Grandma suggested we help Grandad roll some chocolates, we were quick to say yes.

Nathaniel and Grandad getting things ready.
Grandad's hands at work.
The cherry pre-wrapping/chocolate.
Before the chocolate.

 Dipping chocolates with Grandad Hurst and Dianne Sonntag

Messy but delicious

 Our finished chocolates cooling.

With our finished products!

 So...who wants some?

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