Thursday, March 24, 2011


The last four years I've been told that journalism is a dying field. But does that really mean our budget is so skinny that we can't afford new handles when the old ones fall off?

I mean, really?

And some dingbat taped it if that really helps.
Speaking of dingbats, Kourtney and I were driving home from the gym yesterday when we saw a person crossing the street. My thought process went something like this:

Why is this person crossing the street in the middle of traffic -- of construction traffic? Wait -- why is this woman on crutches crossing right HERE? Oh, wow, that woman has one leg., that man has one leg.

A one-legged woman-man-person crossed 4-lane 5 pm construction traffic on crutches...

But my brother, Austin, wins:

"I saw a man with no legs and no arms scoot across Avenida Universidad. He had trouble when he got to the curb but he managed to roll onto the sidewalk just before traffic reached him." 

Oy vey...dingbats.



Sherms said...

lol! That's funny!
Indeed, journalism is a dying field...or at least conventional journalism. But being update with technology and having a good online fanbase will work wonders! xx

Jennifer said...

I work for a newspaper and that broken handle cracks me up. Newsrooms are so shabby -- and I'm not talking shabby chic -- just plain SHABBY! But I still love them :)


Hannah said...

I know, Jennifer! You've gotta love journalism for all its many, many quirks! What paper do you work for?


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