Wednesday, April 6, 2011

See Sallie Run: Guest Post

My life has been a little bit topsy turvy lately, for about a million different reasons i.e. changes, changes, changes and school (of course).

But you'll hear about all that later.

For now, head over to See Sallie Run and read my very first guest post!

I'm maybe a little excited, but can you blame me? Sallie is a real-life friend and a blogger friend. She's the definition of vivacious and even if her feet aren't moving...her mind seems to be running constantly. Really, she's a breath of fresh air. So go read her stuff, too, capeesh?

Check it



Sherms said...

Exciting, heading over now! xx

Hannah said...

What'd you think, Shermeen?

Sherms said...

Thank you for sharing that link with me, to be honest I visited the LDS website yesterday and did a little looking around. And today I checked out the link you sent me. There is so much on the website that is truly inspirational and speaks to me on so many levels. I did not realise that there is a LDS church quite close to my house, though I've gone by the building on many occasions. I was reading a particular page today which will most likely inspire my next blog post but also encourgaed me to pick up my Bible again and start reading. I forget the comfort that these words can bring. I also visted a blog you link to because the only thing I could not (cannot) wrap my head around is the issue of homosexuality. Or rather the sin of acting on homosexual desires. I said to my husband last night that the LDS website makes so much sense to me. In the way that we should live our lives. Of course, he's not religious and I don't think he fully understands my desire to replenish myself, my faith. I think ultimately I'm looking to restore my faith and to be surrounded by people who want to live the same lifestyle and help me become closer to God.

Hannah said...

That's so wonderful! I'm glad you are remembering to return to your faith. I think sometimes we feel as though God has abandoned us, when so often it is the other way around -- it is us forgetting how we need to live our lives to be near Him and feel of His love!

That's the neat part about On the bottom, right-hand corner you can search for members of the church who have profiles on the website and kind of talk about what it's like for them to be members. You can search things like previous religions or even homosexuality. Members will either discuss their views on the topic, or they will talk about their own struggles.

I just want you to know Shermeen, there is a place for you in the LDS church. If you feel peace and comfort reading those words -- there is a reason for that! We believe the LDS church is Christ's church fully restored here on earth. We aren't a "Sunday religion" like you were talking about in your post! We're a community of believers that covenant with the Lord, support each other, and strive to grow closer to Christ every single day.

Or, if you want to ask someone questions directly, there is a little pink square to the left that says "chat with us." It will lead you directly to some LDS missionaries that would love to answer some questions. And if chatting over the internet isn't your thing -- we can figure out how to get some missionaries to you, too! If anything, they can just get you started you re-learn the Bible and grow closer to Christ!

Let me know if you have any questions or how I can help. I'd be happy to help!

You can always e-mail me, too: hannahmoore2007 at hotmail dot com

Sherms said...

Thanks Hannah! I cannot express how much better I feel compared to a week a go and nothing has changed in my cirmcumstances, just me taking the first step in rediscovering my faith. I have a different outlook and hope! xx

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