Thursday, March 3, 2011


By the time the holidays were over this year, my weight had seriously gotten out of hand, and to say the least, my jeans were hardly squeezing on.

I'm happy to announce that since then, I have lost an inch on my waist and an inch on my hips. Strangely, no inches were lost on my thighs, bust or arms. And of course, I wish it were more than just an inch. But hey, I can't complain. Progress is progress.

Speaking of which, check out my drawing...also a work in progress.

It's gonna be awesome. Promise.

I feel like that's what my life is right now -- a constant work in progress. Nathaniel came home from work the other night, and listened to a long list of grumbling from me. I moaned about everything -- my lack of knowing what the future held, my "senioritis", my fear of having a big kid job, my not wanting to work-out every single day but feeling lazy when I don't, my stupid hormones, my... anything, everything. Of course, as is typical, he laughed at me and told me I should have been asleep a long time ago -- I was, after all, mumbling most of these grumblings.

The whole point is, I have the type of personality where I like viewing things on the other side of the fence. I like knowing I've already lost the inches, that my drawing is already done. I like reflecting on the past, and when I look towards the future...I feel most satisfied when I have a plan. Unfortunately, for my silly little personality, life just doesn't work like that. It's a work in progress, not really ever complete. So goal: just enjoy life where it is.



dana_king said...

congrats on the inch, thats awesome!

Sherms said...

You have just described me! Just this morning Adam and I were talking about how I like to make plans for everything whilst he's a fly by the seat of your pants guy. It works for him but I'm not able to let go of my desire to be in control and plan. But he so nicely reminds me that all my plans so far haven't worked out and that I'm constantly driving myself crazy coming up with new plans! lol! Which is true. I just worry about the future, what kind of job I'll have, what kind of life we'll have. All kinds of silliness. And I know I'm gonna have a huge breakdown come June when I turn another year older. It's just hard when your life doesn't go the way you plan...But I suppose, if it did, it wouldn't be life! xx

BTW...LOVE your artwork! I wish I could draw like much talent!!! xx

Hannah said...

Thanks, Dana!

Shermeen, I know what you mean! When's your birthday?! I have a birthday in June, too! And thank you for your compliment on my art!

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