Sunday, July 7, 2013

Toby Keith Twister Relief Concert

One of the perks about my job is getting to do fun things like cover concerts. When Toby Keith announced he would be putting on a relief concert for the May Oklahoma tornadoes I was excited to get to cover it, even though I'm not a country music fan. The day was long and mostly boring — we spent most of the day in a media room watching the concert from a TV — with little bursts of excitement of getting to talk to someone interesting (briefly) or watch a concert right in the pit (for, seconds, literally.) But mostly it was a good experience and my sweet, hilarious friend, Benita, came along to take photographs for me — and she made the whole thing an absolute blast!

You can read my day-of coverage here, my advance news story here and my "N-town" article here.

Official media pass

With Benita in the media room and backstage. 

Benita doing her thang!

Garth Brooks

The crowd was incredible! The energy was truly palpable. 


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