Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hard Hat Society

I went to lunch today at Molly's house for my first ever Hard Hat Society meeting. They swapped stories, told dirty jokes and even cried about painful memories and family drama. I told them about Grandma Valli's lucky coin and that my dad told me it was my "destiny" to be in Oklahoma. They all agreed and said it was my destiny to have them as my mentors. What a fabulous group of gals!

It was also Molly's birthday. She made us smoothies and we ate cupcakes -- I'll pretend like mine wasn't stale! Molly said she tells people it's going to be her birthday for months and months, then when they celebrate it she feigns surprise. She said it's like having a surprise birthday party every year. 



Sherms said...

She sounds like a character! If one day I get comfortable with the rate at which I'm aging, I might be inclined to celebrate birthdays again. For now, as I get closer and closer to that big 3-0...I'm in no hurry to celebrate!

Hannah said...

Just do like Molly and start telling people you're 50. She said she always tells people she's much older than she is so that she gets to hear "Oh, but you look so good for your age!" or "Oh, you're beautiful!" or "Oh, you're kidding!" She is really a hoot!

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