Friday, September 30, 2011

Each Day is Valentine's Day

There is no other reason for this post besides to show you how awesome we are:

I know, right?

Now let's get romantic:


My dad is coming into town this weekend...look forward to some of our adventures.

Also, we'll be watching LDS General Conference this Saturday and Sunday. Twice a year we hear from the leaders from the church at conference. We believe they are inspired by God to share a message with us -- so naturally, all us Mormon folks are pretty excited! You can watch old sessions of conference, as well as a live stream of this weekend's conference here.

What are you doing this weekend?


Sherms said...

You two are awesome and goofy and cute! Loving the pictures xx

Hannah said...

Thanks, Shermeen!

Janelle @ Two Cups Of Happy said...

Haha. Love that set of photos. Me and my boy do that too. We're special.

ms.composure said...

hello!! randomly found your blog and im loving it!! :-)

Mila said...

Even though you two are being silly, you look really pretty in those pictures.

Hannah said...

Janelle -- what's the point in life if you're not laughing and having fun, right?!

And ladies...thank you, thank you, thank you!

Angelia Sims said...

Ya'll are too funny! Hope you have a great visit with your dad.

I am catching up on past features from FTLOB's.


MY Creative Brightside said...

these pix are so adorable :) FTLOB love

Steph at

Hannah said...

Thanks, Angelina! I'm posing about his visit on Monday/Tuesday! I just wasn't feelin' the blogging this week!

Steph: Thank you, thank you!

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