Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Creativity: Liesi of Too Crewel

Post 10 of HEIA: Creativity

Liesi is a creative genius. And there's nothing more to be said about that. Check this girl out:

Hello lovelies! I'm so very excited to have been asked to do a guest post by Hannah! I'm Liesi, and I blog over at Too Crewel.

I write about anything crafty, cutesy, and anything involving creativity. I spend the majority of my time embroidering, sewing or creweling. If I'm not actually doing these things, than you can bet I'm thinking about doing them! I think it'd be safe to call me an addict.

To me creativity could mean anything. I think there is creativity in everything we do -- from how we cook, decorate, what we make, dress, act...just everything. Whether you think you are creative or not, you are, you are always creating something!

So how does my creativity affect me? Well...the only way it could really affect me is postively. When I'm working on a project I feel so at peace. I'm relaxed, I'm excited about what I'm doing, and I'm motivated. Sure I get frustrated and want to throw whatever I'm working on out the window on occasion, but once I get passed that bump in the road I feel even better knowing I didn't give up.

Creativity is important because it is a learning process. With each new project I do I get better (I'm still a beginner at this point), and I learn new tricks of the trade. It is also something that is important to me because it is an outlet for me to express myself, and also allows me to find time to focus. Without the creativity I'd be melting away on the couch watching television. I'm productive when I create.

...and now I must go work on my latest creation! :)



P.S. Want to add your voice to the discussion on creativity? E-mail me at hannahmoore2007 at hotmail dot com.


Ali said...

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Hannah said...


I'm totally insulted you'd try to sell me or my readers HCG...boooooo on you! Ya shoulda read this first:


Sherms said...

I like that evil looking cactus, something I would def buy if I saw it in the store.
I'm not sure if I'm creative in the way I dress, I attempt to copy the trends but I usually end up being months behind! xx

Hannah said...

I know, it's too cute! Hey, at least you try, right?!

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