Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creativity: Oklahoma Creativity

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I'm not alone. Even the state of Oklahoma believes in creativity. Friends, let me introduce you to Oklahoma Creativity, a "not-for-profit organization that supports creativity and innovation in commerce, culture, and education -- ideas that contribute to the greater good in Oklahoma and beyond."

My thoughts exactly when I found this website.

Oklahoma Creativity asks the question: Why creativity?:

"In recent years, creativity has become a very highly valued skill. Creative people combine existing possibilities to reach new often unexpected solutions. Creativity is an essential building block for innovation in business. Everyone possesses a certain level of creativity; some just have more than others..."

Ya heard right go exercise that creative muscle called your brain. And while you're at it, have your kids do the same thing.


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Shaneiferd said...

Creativity is highly undervalued in today's world. Look at the public schools. What are the first programs that get cut? Art. Music. Theater. It's a it's great to see organizations that are dedicated to fighting for such an important cause!


Jess said...

Its such a shame that children aren't as creative as they used to be. If they don't have a t.v., computer, or video game to play with for a day they get so bored so easily.
What happened to playing out side and making up games to play. What happened to having crafts on a rainy day or reading a book. I was so sad to see this summer no kids out riding there bikes or being loud and running around the neighborhood. Its a crime really.

Hannah said...

Shane, I could NOT agree more!

Jess, I know it! I have found myself falling into the same trap as an adult though. Sometimes I have a problem not being "connected" or "plugged in." When I notice I'm getting too attached to my phone or ipod, I try making an extra effort to go running/walking without an ipod, or spend some time just thinking and pondering.

Sherms said...

That little clip is silly funny. Hannah, I don't have kids...but when we do I know Adam will help them be creative. I don't think I'm good at making things, I'm more creative in my writing and poetry. The husband is awesome at making stuff, drawing, carving. He's generally pretty awesome! I hope he passes the gene on to our kids xx

Hannah said...

I love Elf, what can I say?! I'm sure Adam will pass the gene along! That will definitely be fun to discover when you do have kids though!

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