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Creativity: Jacqueline of JacquelineParis

Day 13 of HEIA: Creativity

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've already gotten a taste of the all-things-girly blogger, JacquelineParis. Today she's teaching us how creativity goes hand-in-hand with makeup. Read on for some inspiration...

The Beauty of Creativity

Hello again, Hannah readers! I had so much fun swapping posts with Hannah before, that I wanted to contribute to her fabulous creativity series. Here are just a few tips that I've learned of how to be creative in the wonderful world of beauty, specifically when applying makeup.

I used to associate the word creative with the word brave. Someone who was called creative usually meant someone who was good at arts and crafts, using glue guns and making fabulous DIY projects. But as I've learned to apply creativity to life, I've learned that you don't have to be brave as much as you have to be open. Open to trying new things. Open to trying something and failing miserably. Open to the possibility of screwing up something you've worked very hard to achieve (like perfecting the art of evenly pouring cupcake mix into the cupcake tin) and having to start over. You must be open to stumbling upon something wonderful, even if it's just a tiny tweak that can impact your life.

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When applying makeup, everyone learns differently. Some of us have tutorials at the Nordstrom makeup counter with a makeup artist trying to sell us something. Some of us sat down with a sister or best friend to discuss various techniques. Some of us sat in awe at our mothers' sides as she was applying makeup.

But you really perfect the art when you start experimenting and trying new products, new shades, new brands. That's where creativity and individual style really comes into play.

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I recently wrote a post about my new method of eyeliner, courtesy of Trish McEvoy's special eyeliner that you apply with a brush. The liner compact palette looks like eye shadow, and the specially angled brush allows for a specialized, intricate application each time. I was wary at first, but when I went for it, I was blown away! Now this is my favorite eyeliner method.

Another bout of creativity comes in when selecting shades. As much as every brand and cosmetic company claims, chances are, they don't have your exact shade. Everyone has slightly different skin, with slightly different pigmentations and sensitivities. Something that works wonders for your best friend might make your skin freak out in tiny red bumps under your eyes -- that happend to me with Bare Minerals, which everyone just raves about.

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I love mixing shades to create the perfect hue for my face. I'm fair, with freckles. Red hair, with dark brown eyes and dark black eyebrows, which is a bit unusual in terms of coloring. I don't pretend that Trish McEvoy or Guerlain or NARS or Chanel, or any of the other brands I put on my face had my exact coloring combination in mind when creating their shades like "Blondes", "Copacabana" or "St Barths" -- they're trying to appeal to as many people across the same skin spectrum as possible. So to achieve the perfect look, I mix them up.

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I'll play with a layer of NARS "Orgasm" under my Guerlain "Blondes," or vice versa. For a glowing, dewy look, I'll smear some NARS "Anjelika" blush with no powder and just use my powder brush. Shisedo foundation over a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer equals more coverage for a super glam, fully made-up look. Sometimes I use my NARS "Copacabana" highlighting stick under my eyes, on my eyelids, or along my cheekbones for more definition. Sometimes I apply before blush, sometimes after. Sometimes just the primer, with a swoosh of pink blush on the apple of my cheeks, instead of lining my cheekbones, give me that "I just went for a run" glow, without the sweating.

It makes me feel more in control of my own look -- my own beauty destiny -- if you will. You're creating your own custom foundation or blush. Every look is unique, and it comes out differently every day. No combination is exactly the same, which is perfect for a creative soul.

For the ultimate in beauty creativity, you simply MUST do yourself a favor and check out Jo Malone. Her de-lish scents are actually meant for layinger, to create your own custom fragrance to complement your different moods, outfits, occasions and even the changing seasons. Hevy musk, light floral, or sweet fruity aromas create an air of perfect, succulent indulgence.

photo: jomalone.com
Everyone has different pheromones and scents naturally. You want to create your own signature fragrance, so that when people catch a lofting whiff as you walk by or receive a letter from you, the aroma equals the happy thought of you, and not everyone else across the globe who wears Ralph Lauren Blue (my original favorite) or Calvin Klein Euphoria. The way her scents sit lightly on the skin are absolutely perfect, and she created them with the intent of each scent playing up each woman's natural unique aroma -- and interacting with other scents -- your shampoo, lotion, and other Jo Malone scents you indulge in. I'm currently loving Grapefruit (her most popular) added to a light spritz of Nectarine Blossom and Honey just on my neck and behind my ears.

So, be brave, be open, be creative next time you hit up Sephora or the beauty counters. The possibilities are literally endless, and you never know what you might discover. You have nothing to lose, and an entire future of beautiful moments to gain!

Bonne chance!

P.S. Want to add your voice to the discussion on creativity? E-mail me at hannahmoore2007 at hotmail dot com.

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