Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Old Books Find a Home

We were exploring the Goodwill in Norman, OK, the other day, and I had to stop to run my fingers over the shelves of forgotten and unwanted books. I came across quite a few beauties I had to resist, but some...I just couldn't. All I'm sayin' is: they totally needed a home.

When I opened up the Black Stallion, I was a little sad to see that Jill didn't care if Grandma and Grandpa Jackson gave her the book back in '55. But then I was even more sad that the g-rents didn't know how to spell their own names. Maybe they were the ones that needed to keep the book? I flipped through the pages and loved the bold, graphic illustrations.

I feel like older publications of books are so much prettier. The illustrations are more intricate, and the colors of the covers are nothing short of awesome. The copy of Mark Twain and the River won my heart with the teal and orange (hello, my wedding colors), and when I opened it and saw the awesome portrait of Mark himself -- oh man, I knew this book had to find a spot on my bookshelf. Plus, the rest of the drawings in the book were just as kick-ass. I definitely got a smile out of the barely legible stamp on the cover claiming the book for an Oklahoma school library. So now the question is why did the librarian get rid of it? Or better yet -- who racked up such a huge library late fee that their only option was to thieve a book?

Ya know how people say "if walls could talk"? Well, what if books could tell us about their readers, their givers and receivers? Maybe Jill never wanted to give away her book -- maybe the same library-book-thief stole hers, too, and she was devastated. Or maybe Jill hates book, and she stole Mark Twain from the library so nobody else would suffer what she suffered...*sigh* I guess I'll never know.

Nevertheless, welcome home books...welcome home.



Hannah said...

i absolutely agree that old books are the best :) they even smell better!

Sherms said...

That was funny! It must have been one huge library fine to commit a crime.

They look like great copies. I have to admit that I don't mind first edition or collectible books but I'm not into second hand books. For the same reason I don't want a kindle. I like the feel of a book, I like knowing that I've made every dog ear or crease in the spine. And I worry about saliva on the pages. I'm a bit of a germaphobe xx

Hannah said...

Hannah, I know it! I'm glad Nathaniel let me indulge and purchase them. I even told him standing in the Goodwill, "They need a home." He just smiled and urged me towards the register, haha!

Shermeen, I know, right?! It really cracked me up! I definitely know what you mean, but there is some kind of mystery to having a book previously owned...what did they think as they turned the pages, how did it touch them, etc. That's actually what's kind of neat about a Kindle is you can see the passages others highlighted and how many did. You kind of get to share the experience with others. I LOVE my Kindle! We just bought Nathaniel one, too, and now we can share books and even read them at the same time. It saves a lot of money, too, if you're a big book reader!

Sherms said...

I'm certain that if I had a kindle, I'd save a lot of money because I wouldn't have to ship all these books xx

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