Saturday, December 21, 2013

Disney World 2013

We headed to Florida the week before Christmas to enjoy some time at Disney World with our families. And when I mean family I mean like Nathaniel's third cousin and their best friends, totaling up to 20 people at some points. It was loud, crazy and totally awesome. Sadly, we did not get a group photo. But at least we have the memories!

My parents with Pooh and Tigger, and me and Nathaniel with Pooh and Tigger. Once we noticed both Nathaniel and Tigger were "wearing stripes" there were a lot more shenanigans going on than just smiling and posing!

When we got to Hollywood Studios, my mom was very warmly greeted...and then encouraged to wave to her adoring fans. This is why I love Disney so much.

And something similar happened at Magic Kingdom. This fair lady grabbed Nathaniel's hand, deeming him a proper escort through the park.

With my mama at Hollywood Studios, before we saw the fabulous light show.

With my love enjoying all the Christmas lights

We loved checking out Beast's Castle and Gaston's Pub in the new area of Magic Kingdom. Gaston's Pub had some really delicious cinnamon rolls and an amazing drink made out of frozen apple juice, marshmallow and another fruit I can't remember...but it was amazing. And my dad had a pork shank for breakfast from there. A PORK SHANK. That's a man's meal.


This is the fourth time Nathaniel and I have been to a Disney park in the three and a half years we've been married. I'm not sure whether I should be proud or embarrassed — but at least we have a lot of fun at the happiest place on earth, either way!


Sherms said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast. I think Christmas is all about family, so glad for you that you spent it with yours xx

Hannah said...

It was truly wonderful! We were sad to come home!

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