Saturday, January 3, 2015

California Trip, Week 1

We were lucky enough to spend two weeks in California for Christmas. We had a wonderful time introducing Mercedes to friends and family! Enjoy the picture overload!

Mercedes' first flight! She hardly fussed on our way to California, save for when it was 2 a.m. our time and we were trying to get her to sleep. Thankfully, she did take a nap in the airport during the layover. 

Mercy girl hanging out with Papa and my parent's dog Roscoe. Roscoe was pretty smitten with Mercy, too! He always had to be around checking out what she was doing.

Mercedes with Uncle Dallas...and Roscoe, of course.

Family photos the Sunday before Christmas. Mercy was really into it, obviously.

Roscoe helping Nana give Mercy a bath.

Silly dog.

Nana really wanted to get a photo of Mercy with Santa, so we spent an hour or so standing in line at the mall. It was mostly boring, but worth it: Just look at this photo! 

While shopping at Wal Mart.

We made the most delicious sugar cookies with Nana. Mercy "helped" with the sprinkles.

We all scarfed these cookies down. They were literally the best homemade sugar cookies I've ever had.

Mercy opening Christmas gifts with Papa. She wasn't very impressed. 

Lots of naps and cuddling with my girl during vacation.

We spent an afternoon in Old Sac with family, but I didn't get many pictures. I snagged this photo of me and Mercy (she's hiding under the blanket in the baby sling) at the California State Railroad Museum.

Family photo op in front of the Charlie Brown tree at the State Capitol.

At the Sacramento State Capitol.

Playing with Uncle Dallas. It was so fun to see tiny Mercy with her big uncle. All her uncles loved holding her, playing with her and showing her around the house. They were all wrapped around her tiny fingers!

With Uncle Tyler. Tyler was able to calm Mercy down when Nana and I were gone. Nobody else could manage it, and Tyler was quite proud.

Mom and I went to see "Dirty Dancing" in Sacramento. The play wasn't great, but the company was!

Old Sac had the most adorable Christmas program. We absolutely loved it! 

In Old Sac.

Family selfie in Old Sac


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