Sunday, January 4, 2015

California trip, week 2

And...our second week of vacation in California for Christmas

When we were in California we were lucky enough to go to the baby blessing for one of the four great-grand babies born into the family this year. We got three of the four babies together, too! It was so fun to see the newest generation of the family together in one place. 

Grandma Corine Hurst at the party after the blessing, rocking baby Brody, sitting next to napping Mercedes. I have the most beautiful grandma, do I not?!

Four generations of Hurst women. This photo makes me so happy!

Mercy and Grandma sure loved each other!

Talking to Grandma

Grandad Howard Hurst with three great-grand babies, Corina Maxwell, Brody Maxwell and Mercedes Cruz.

These two gals had their first opportunity to hang out! We look forward to them playing together at future family reunions!

Nathaniel played beauty salon with my Aunt Kaye's granddaughter, Catalina. He is such a good sport!

Nana helped Mercy with several bath times while we were in California. This was her first-ever in the sink! She loved it.

I was so happy to get to spend time with my dear friend Taylor! Tay and I go back to high school. It's been fun to be there for each other through major life milestones! Tay and Mercy were totally into each other, obviously!

With Tia Tay and Uncle Logie!

I got to catch up with my high school friends, Dana and Kayla. I got to meet Kayla's newest little dude, too. He was SO chubby and cute.

This chunky just killed me. I couldn't stop loving and squeezing on him. SO much bigger than Mercy even though he's younger!

Love these girls! Such a treat to catch up.

These babies loved checking each other out. Can you believe his belly?!

Playing with Nana

At breakfast with Tay and Logan. LOVE these pictures. 

All four of us!

We took Mercy to see her first movie, "Into The Woods." She slept through most of it!

Hanging out with Tio Austin and Papa.

While we were in California I went up to my grandparents to learn how to make dolls from my grandma. She makes the most beautiful hand-sewn dolls. They are an absolute treasure! I was so grateful to spend time with my grandma, mom, aunt and cousins for the day. Hopefully I can start making my own dolls and do grandma justice!

Grandma and Mom busy sewing!

Grandma stitching an eye.

Nana and Mercy playing with my grandma's dog, Dixie. This dog LOVED to play — and lick — Mercedes! Mercy didn't mind it either.

With Grandma, Mom, Mercy and cousin Kourtney.

My work in progress! Grandma had already sewn the lips on, but I did the eye!

On our way home. Lots of cuddling and naps on the plane!

In the Colorado airport.

Playing with dad on the plane.


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