Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dada, Papi, Dad (Month Ten)

Taking pictures of this little mover sitting still has become nearly impossible. But she's still as cute as ever.


The first few months of your life you were undoubtedly a mama's girl. I'm still your go-to for comfort, but the last few months you have developed a fun bond with your dad. Every evening when we hear the front door open, your face lights up when you see dad's smiling face pop through. You immediately abandon whatever it is you're doing to chase him down the hallway.

Once dad is home you are happy as a clam. You "tell" him all about your day, giggle profusely as he chases you around the room or contently sit in his lap and watch TV with him. Your dad used to not-so-jokingly whine about you "not loving him." Now, I know it makes his heart melt every time he comes home to be greeted by your enthusiasm.

This year marks your dad's first ever Father's Day. I can only speak so much for him, but I know he cherishes his role as your daddy. He doesn't speak often on the complexity of his emotions, but his actions say it all. He is quick to serve you. He is eager to see you smile. He laughs at your silly personality, takes pride when you are tenacious and mourns with you when you're in distress. He thrills at your development and progress. He prays in earnest for you daily.

Watching you and your dad together is a thrill. I'm grateful you two are my people. Eternity won't be too shabby together, will it?


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