Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My conclusions as of late...

1. I'm totally not an overachiever.
I've been reading and editing all these thank-you letters from students at the college to organizations or individuals who have given them scholarships. Most of them are littered with at least a small sob story or two (ya college is expensive), and of course, all there many extensive accomplishments. Honors college, this club, this organization, volunteer here, church something there, this and that internship. If it sounds impressive and complicated and/or time consuming -- it's on there. Which draws me to only one conclusion...I do not overachieve. And I'm totally fine with that. Mediocracy rules.

2. My life is mostly mundane.
For the most part I do the same thing everyday. Not...very...exciting. Which brings me to this point: I must revel in the beautiful simplicities of life. I must bask in the small victories. Like getting to class on time. Or making delicious tacos for dinner. Silly, I know, but seriously...a must.

3. "If _____ is happiness, than _____ is heaven."
Think about that for a minute, will ya?

4. Second chances exist.
In this instance, in the form of doing the opposite of what given circumstances might suggest or dictate. i.e. success and happiness despite trials.

5. I am a sucker.
For all of the following: 1. babies 2. ice cream 3. Nathaniel
It might be dangerous to put them all together.

6. Trying to describe an emotion adequately is like trying to describe salt -- near impossible.
I am blessed. I live the most beautifully mundane, adventurous, joyful and simple life. All I need is Nathaniel by my side, and the world is mine. I have it all.


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Allison said...

You know, I came to the conclusion only last night that overachieving really isn't all the worth it. If I'm killing myself with an overload of work, responsibility and stress just to build an "outstanding" resume....then what's the point? Why would I make myself unhappy for months (years, more realistically) just to get that tiiiny bit ahead of all of those other people that I'm competing against?
I'm sure my future employers would much rather have a happy, healthy worker-not a nutcase.

I think I'd like my life to be a little more mundane this coming year, let myself relax a little...sadly, it's too late for that. I already took the position as president as one of my Interior Design organizations.
When I took up this job, the overachiever was obviously still abound within me.

Enjoy your mundane, mediocrity! You have everything you want and need, and that's all that really matters.

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