Friday, July 30, 2010

Anything Good

During a class yesterday we had a woman come speak about journalism. She mentioned how hard it is to live on starting journalism wages -- roughly $20,000 - $25,000. Which had me thinking...why is it so difficult to go from being a broke student to a broke employed college graduate?

After class Tyler (my brother) and I walked to my car as we discussed and reflected on the presentation we had just watched. Why is it so difficult for people to adjust from broke to less broke? I mean come on, to us at this point $25,000 is a fortune! I even told Tyler if I was making that much Nathaniel wouldn't have to work! Why do we view $25,000 for a single person (or two) as being hardly enough to survive? Is that not enough to pay your rent? Your car? Health insurance? Food? And even the occasional modest vacation or dinner out?

So Tyler proposed: people spend too much time living their life with "If _____ than _____" expectations i.e. "If I have money, than I will be happy."

But why? Why must I be happy if and when I have money?

I don't! We don't! I may never have money. And that's okay. That's not what life is about. Life is meant to be enjoyed as it is -- in the moment, raw, back-to-basic and perfect.

So I told Tyler: That's what good ol' President Monson told us, ya know? To find joy in the journey.

And Tyler said: Word.

With that said...though my life is mostly mundane, I love every minute of it. And to celebrate, we (Nathaniel, Marisa, Steve -- Nathaniel's 12 year old cousin and uncle, and I) embarked on an ice cream adventure. After watching Man v. Food dessert edition last night we decided we should go buy frozen yogurt, than frozen custard, than we should make strawberry shortcake...and than finally we settled with making strawberry ice cream with waffles, hot fudge, and delicious marshmallow goo. And man, was it good. Of course, the whole time Marisa and I were laughing and dancing and quoting this little girl:

Because I can do and enjoy anything good.


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