Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet the Tovars

This last weekend we took a roadtrip to Dallas to go to the our sweet friends, Matt and Laura's wedding. We were excited. We think Matt and Laura are great people, and it has been so fun to go through the engagement process together and watch them grow as individuals and as a couple -- have I mentioned how much we love them?

Laura and I met freshmen year at Tech in an institute class. We've spent plenty of time since then just being silly girls.

Laura came to our wedding. She brought her mom, Lee, with her and we were so psyched they were able to come! Laura wasn't able to come in the temple with us but Lee was! It was so fun to have Lee there to represent Laura (and Matt)!

Matt is a recent convert to the church and a total rockstar. This kid is a spiritual giant. Nathaniel and Matt served together in the elder's quorum presidency in our single's ward this last semester, and they had a blast together. They are both total kids at heart! The best part that we're all married off, we'll still be in the same ward. We're way excited!

All of us in front of the Tech Christmas tree this last fall semester on a double date.

We got into Dallas Thursday night, and had the chance to help set up the reception site as well as attend the rehearsal dinner. Both were way fun! We had a good time visiting with the rest of the wedding party (Nathaniel was the best man and I was a bridesmaid!) as well as visiting with the bride and groom's family.

Saturday morning we attended a session in the Dallas temple, and nearly got lost trying to find our way around! The Sacramento and Lubbock temple are just teeny-tiny compared to Dallas! We had a beautiful time and it helped us get even more excited for Matt and Laura's sealing later that afternoon.

The Dallas temple. :)

The Tovar's had their sealing in the afternoon. Don't worry...I was crying before Matt and Laura even walked in the room. The sealing was absolutely beautiful and the spirit was so sweet. Matt said "yes" three different times. So adorable the way he looked at Laura! And each time he said yes it was without any kind of shame or shadows of doubt...they are just wonderful together!

The Tovars walking out of the temple!

Best man and bridesmaid outside the temple.

After they came out we took a round of pictures around the temple, and then headed off for the ring ceremony and reception!

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story:

Laura with the groomsmen.

Waiting for the ring ceremony to start!

Their walk down the aisle.

I just loved this little girl's dress! She was twirling and dancing all night...just adorable!

These boys crack me up! Probably my favorite picture the entire night...they were pretending to dance, if you can't tell. :)

With Mr. & Mrs. Tovar!

I love this man!

SO excited!

Laura's grandmom who we thought was just adorable! She invited us to Houston...I guess we were all pretty fond of each other. :)

The whole day was so beautiful, and we were grateful to be there to celebrate with Matt and Laura! We know the Lord has great things in store for these two -- they both just glow! We can't wait to continue our friendship in our new ward, and hope there are many years of memories ahead of us! We love y'all! Every happiness to the Tovar family!!!


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