Monday, December 27, 2010


The last month-ish or so, I've been dreaming of getting a sewing machine. Not because I really know how to sew, but because I really want to know how to sew. And because I believe in my ability to read, execute directions, and creatively think, I figured I could develop a new talent. Every time I mentioned it, Nathaniel would lovingly roll his eyes and tell me a sewing machine would result in one thing -- messes around the house. Of course, there was never much to say back -- he was right. I would create messes. But much to my delight, I was a happy girl to find a shiny new sewing machine under the Christmas tree. sewing adventures begin.

This is what I made today...a re-crafted tote bag, which by the way, is super easy:

What I started with.
I folded the bottom of the bag up on both sides. To keep it in place, I sewed the far right and the far left up the sides. I then sewed a few diagonal lines to create pockets.
See? Pockets!

What I ended with:
I threw on the ba-jillion flowers I made for my friend Allison (she's serving a mission for the LDS church right now, and said she needed something girly and fun for every I made flowers! Check out the link to follow her adventures as "Hermana Spencer".) Now I'm thinking Allison's going to get a new bag, too!

Anybody have any suggestions on how to get started sewing? Easy patterns? Ideas?



Laura Elizabeth said...

So fun!! I love it!

Kristi said...

You should check out Ruffles and Stuff. It's one of the craft blogs listed on my blog. All of those sites have cute sewing projects that seem fairly simple. The bag turned out way cute!

Hannah said...

Thanks, Kristi! I'll check it out.

Mrs. Rogers said...

I've been thinking the same thing! However, I figured we'd get life settled a bit before moving into hobbies.

If I find any, I'll let you know!

Mrs. Rogers said...

Oh! One more thing, my first project is going to be making an apron! The second, homemade stockings! (But I have nearly a full year before I need those ;) ) So maybe you can try your hand at those :). Also, further down the road, baby blankets?

Hannah said...

That's a good first project, Samm! I was going to make stockings this year, too, buuuut I didn't have a sewing machine, haha! So hopefully by next year I'll be able to make some! Baby blankets would be great, too. I'm gonna try my hand at making dolls, Grandma makes these bbbbeautiful, hand-sewn dolls and she's sending me the pattern. I'm excited to learn!

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