Friday, May 6, 2011


Ah...hello, again. I feel like I've been slowly coming out of a coma -- a school coma. And it's about time.

Enjoy some art work I made from this semester! It was nice to create pieces that had content beyond "draw what you see." Also...pretend I didn't do most of this in the last two weeks of school.

The title of this one is pretty simple: Eve.

I used charcoal and colored pencil. You can see the beginning stages and the extra credit homework based off of this drawing here and here.

When my cousin Hilary, affectionately known as Twinny, saw the extra credit photos, she sent me the essay of a feminist Mormon's take on the creation. It left me feeling exactly how I wanted my viewers to feel. In traditional Christianity, Eve is viewed as a sinner -- almost evil, at times. Eve is the focus of this piece quite simply because I'd like to question those traditional views. Take a gander at the essay to get to know more what I'm talking about -- no point in re-inventing the wheel, right?

Also, take a look at this talk to get another perspective of how LDS doctrine views womanhood/motherhood -- something I think is beautiful and divine!

 Title: Restored

I used brown ink on this one. It was my first time really trying an ink wash, and I really enjoyed the results. I can't wait to try another one! In this piece, I wanted to explore the idea of mortality. With the ups and downs of my recent joint pain, something I've come to realize is I have no control over my mortality. As little or as much as my body aches, my life will eventually escape this mortal body. The thing that gives me hope is knowing my mortality is brief, but I will live in a perfected body for eternity thanks to Jesus Christ. I'm thankful for my Savior, and the peace the knowledge of the resurrection brings me.

 Title: Small and Simple

I used different colored inks on tracing paper for this one. It was a much different experience than the previous two because it was a bit more abstract. The whole idea came from my childhood. As a kid I would make these paper balloons all the time. I specifically remember one time coloring the inside of the paper with a starry scene before folding it up. After it was folded, I cut a hole so I could peer inside. It got me thinking about the "magic" of my youth, if you will -- the moments that captured my breath and built my faith. My faith was built by small and simple things: chickens in the incubator, gardens and things that grow. If I didn't have those small things, I wouldn't have the slightly less small faith I have now.

 Just some details. I love the texture of the ink and the look the paper gets after drying.

So...what do you think?



Stephanie said...

Amazeballs, as always

Hilary said...

I looove "Eve." Like, woah.

Natasha said...

Beautiful. You are very talented. I couldn't go to the links for your Eve drawings. It just took me back to my Blogger dashboard. :( Those paper balloons are fun. How do you make them?

Breanne said...

soooooo talented! love your blog!

Hannah said...

Thank you, ladies!

Natasha -- I fixed the links! Try again. I can show you sometime how to make's real easy. Or maybe I'll have to make a tutorial for the blog!

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